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Before I share how I can help you become your own boss, please allow me to introduce myself ... 

I’m Jen Fieldman. After 18 years working in strategy in both corporate and agency settings, I am now using those skills to help others transition out of their 9-5 and become their own boss.

Having made the transition from 9-to-5 to self-employed myself, I genuinely understand how hard it is to take the leap into this wild and crazy world of being your own boss. 

And with me serving as your “parachute,” you will experience a safer landing into the freedom-filled life you crave. 

Over 6 action-packed, life-altering months:

We’ll outline every aspect of your exit strategy. One that won’t burn bridges or leave you cash-strapped. PLUS, we’ll lay the groundwork to position you to build a business that is purpose-driven AND profitable. 

No more:

  • Late nights and early morning cuddling up with Google in search of the perfect “start a business” strategy. 

  • Following every online guru into a rabbit hole of half-baked methods and tactics. 

  • Trying to do this whole “become your own boss” thing all on your own. 

I’ll be here:

Arming you with the guidance and support you need to finally quit your 9-to-5. 

Answering all your questions and mentoring you through all your fears about being your own boss. 

Giving you the motivation (and tough love) to make your dreams come true – no excuses. 

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 So, go ahead and draft that resignation letter. But don’t send it until AFTER I give you the step-by-step strategies you’ll need to shine in this wonderful world of being your own boss – all with confidence and clarity.

Ready to stop contributing to your employer’s goals and start fulfilling your own? 

The first step is easy. Click below to book a free Clarity Call, and we’ll customize your plan from the start!